Matthews, North Carolina

The Town of Matthews has an appealing back-story. Once the stomping ground of the Waxhaw and Catawba Indians, it was eventually cleared and plowed for cotton farmers to begin sewing the popular cash crop in the 1800s.

Still, despite efforts to entirely level the town’s once thick treetops for plantations, farmers never got around to completely clearing the land. Instead, they left a city of tree stumps scattered through acres of farmland, earning the soon-to-be suburb the unofficial name “Stumptown.”

Matthews Sister City is Sainte-Maxime, France which is located near the Provence Region of France. Sister Cities give towns the opportunity for cultural exchange. Sainte-Maxime is an historic seaport town which is now a popular tourist location.

The now neighborhood-enclosed borough is a populous branch of the greater Charlotte area, only 20 minutes from center city. Sprinkled with baseball fields for local club teams and football-loving fans of the area high school rivalries, Matthews is a vast conglomeration of family-oriented interests.

Framed by shopping centers like the Arboretum, a busy hub for boutiques, and Sycamore Commons, a restaurant-based locale known for holding Summer Concerts from June to September, this town is completely structured around bringing people together.

True to this fact, the homey suburb hosts the Matthews Alive Festival every year, a tradition that reels all Matthews folk, even those that have moved away, back into town for festival rides, local crafts, and funnel

Such a close-knit society is hard to come by, but Matthews encompasses every aspect of what a typical, modern southern town ought to be. Though always moving forward, especially now that Matthews is bordering 30,000 residents, citizens of this historic community like to keep things simple. “Stumptown” is a township carefully based in its roots- pun intended.

Subdivisions in Matthews

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